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Links to Cool Sites & Other Things

Stuff relevent to our products

Eric Jorgensen's Home Page
On Eric's page you will find information on VAT, his FREEWARE sound library, a font pack (50 fonts) for use with our graphics libraries and other neat stuff. See his ftp site.

Here you will find very low level programming information for many SVGA chipsets.

The Programmer's Page
The Programmer's Page, maintained by Peter Pappas, contains all of best BASIC files, including source code, libraries, compilers, help files and games.

The Game Programming Megasite
This page, by Matt Reiferson, has very useful information for game programmers of all skill levels. From 'algorithms' to 'useful files' this page is a great place to bookmark.

The Programmers Heaven
Maintained, by Tore Nestenius, this is the ultimate on-line resource for beginners as well as advanced programmers. More than 750 files to download and 1200 plus programming links.

Run by Murray Bozinsky, this is site offers several tools for our SVGA libraries as well as the DirectQB library. One of the most usefull is PaletteEditII. It is a palette editor which allows you create the 768-character palettes used with our and DirectQB's library.

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