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About Zephyr Software

Zephyr Software is a partnership formed in the interest of high speed, high resolution, interactive graphics. In 1991 after discovering a void in the shareware market, Daniel A. Sill and Stephen L. Balkum formed the partnership with two primary goals. First, develop a graphics library that provides seamless support for popular SVGA cards on the x86 platform. Second, make the library available on the shareware market with an inexpensive registration price. The first version of the library, SVGAQB, was released in June of 1993 for Microsoft QuickBasic. Today, the real mode SVGAxx (QB/PV/PB/CC) and the protected mode ZSVGA libraries have registered users on every inhabited continent. The libraries are currently being used in the medical industry, the military, the real estate market, primary education and universities.

About the Individuals

Stephen L. Balkum has a background in physics and math and holds a degree in astronomy. Stephen has been programming for over a decade and has professional experience in physics, astronomy and the game industry. He spends the majority of his time writing in C and C++, researching and developing new algorithms. He can be contacted here.

Daniel A. Sill has a degree in computer science and a background in electronics. Daniel has spent much of his spare time building computers and programming them at the lowest level, Assembly. He is an afficionado of all the popular versions of Basic and is an excellent x86 Assembly programmer. He can be contacted here.

This picture was taken at Daniel's (left) wedding. Stephen was the best man.

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