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Technical Support

It is our goal to provide products that serve our users' (both registered and unregistered) needs. If you have any problems, questions, comments or bug reports, do please let us know. The fastest way to contact us via email. We strive check our email several times a day; so response time is usually very quick. Registered users have our home phone numbers listed in the "README.1ST" file on the registered disk (unregistered users may obtain them by sending us an email request). We do not have a FAX line available currently but will always reply to standard postal mail.

We are happy to provide help using the library, flushing out bugs and identifying compatibility problems; however we cannot debug your code for you. If you think you have found a bug, please provide us with a brief example and explanation so that we may track it down.

Please direct your email and phone questions as follows:

  • For C/C++ programming and billing information, contact Stephen
  • For BASIC programming, shipping status and web questions, contact Daniel

  • Contact Information

    Please note our NEW mailing address!

    By Mail:
    Zephyr Software
    402 Honeysuckle Lane
    Pflugerville, Texas 78660-4148 U.S.A.

    By FAX:

    Fax contact is not available at the moment.

    By email (click on our names to drop us a note):

    Stephen L. Balkum - resident C & C++ guru

    Daniel A. Sill - resident BASIC & assembly guru / Webmaster

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